Amazing Spiral Art Kit for Teenagers

Amazing Spiral Art Kit for Teenagers

Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set by Kahootz toys is a marvelous collection of spirograph toys in a nice set, and a spiral art kit for teenagers. This is a designing set, and contains 45 pieces to design and draw based on spiral designing. The deluxe set is apt for all ages both young and old, and can be bought for children above 8.

The relaunch of the Spirograph took place in 2012 after the original Spirgraph in 1965. In the history of toys in the world, this is the biggest comeback and relaunch of any classic toy.


  • Great set for drawing spiral designs and get creative
  • Fit for use for children above 8 years, and also for adults of all ages
  • Interlocking wheels and gears makes it possible to draw great designs with ease
  • 1965 original spirograph inspired design but with more advancements
  • Set includes parts like 2 rings, 19 wheels, 3 pens, 1 rack, spiro putty, and a guide book containing 14 pages, and 20 papers for designing, and a storage case

User Reviews

The Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set bought by users has bought amazing response. The view that it’s easy to create stunning, unique, and endless designs using just a wheel of your choice, pen and paper is true. And people have used it in making stunning designs.

There are 19 gears, each one different from the other, to help draw the designs on paper. You may create new designs every time or get more vivid with previous designs. Many have discovered it as an excellent engagement tool and entertainer. Many realize it to be a good friend of kids who play on their own and are too fond of drawings. Many kids look into it as a nerve relaxer. Even adults find it quite relaxing. Totally run by the human body power and mechanically operated it is much better than electronic gadget toys or toys with LCD screens for the simplicity it offers.


The Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set is a gift for creative persons. You may gift it to kids 8 year old or above, and also to adults any age for the amazing features it comes with. The set contains 45 pieces of which there are gears, wheels, rings, storage box, designs, papers, instructions, pens, and spiro putty. Altogether the Spirograph can be a nice engagement for the creative mind, and also for the whole family when members work on it one at a time.