Awesome Spiral Art Kit for Young Artists

Awesome Spiral Art Kit for Young Artists

Spirograph Junior is a spiral art kit for young artists to aid in the practice and development of artistic talent and creative minds in them. The kit is perfect for use from 3 years and above, and is good for creative children any age. The kit contains pattern makers and large gears. These are to help the child play with the pattern and markers and create stunning designs with symmetry and artistic style.
Awesome Spiral Art Kit for Young Artists


  • Measures 12 x 2 x 11 inches
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds
  • Contains gears and patterns makes of big and jumbo sizes for easy handling by kids
  • Item size designed for small hands
  • The drawing board has dual features. It expands to storage box where the kit can be stored. When closed it becomes a drawing tablet.
  • Comes with 5 washable markers
  • Design sheets are provided for reference and ideas
  • Wheels and gears are easy to hold
  • Instructions to use the product available to simplify the operations
  • Product designed to propel the development of creative minds
  • Holds paper size of 5 x 7 inches

User Reviews

Parents and guardians who bought the Spirograph Junior for their kids are highly impressed by the scientific design of the kit. The gears are just the right size to hold the paper on to place and yet not stress it. The wheels are also right size for the kids to use them comfortably. It does not use the whole paper. Hence a standard paper can be folded to half for being used on both sides thereby making it productive. The design making wheels can be used on other places too.


The product is designed to perfectly utilize the energy and creativity of the developing minds of children who are on their third year or beyond. The wheels and gears in the set are made big sized for children to handle and use with ease. The wheels and gears are stencilled to help make designs with a marker on the tablet. The tablet comes in a big style. The box top serves as the tablet for making drawing, and the inside has storage space where the entire kit can be stored. Instruction manual and design sheets are provided to guide young minds on how to operate the product and how to get inspired with more designs. Washable markers make the experience awesome.