Cool Spiral Art Kit for Adults

Cool Spiral Art Kit for Adults
The Super Spirograph 75-piece Jumbo Kit (50th Anniversary Edition) by Kahootz Toys is a beautiful collection of spirograph items bundled together into a smart kit. It’s a special kit that is designed for kids of 8 years and above and also considered a good spiral art kit for adults too. The package contains 75 pieces that can be used creatively to make supreme designs based on spiral graphics. It’s a great entertainment and engagement for creative kids, and even kids who never explored their creative side. Parents can give it to kids as an engaging mind absorber, and also one may gift it to students of relevant age. As a gift and educational and creative set the Super Spirograph is a success.
It’s based on the success and popularity of the Spirograph toy introduced in 1965, but an enhanced version with many more utilities.
Cool Spiral Art Kit for Adults


  • 75 pieces kit
  • Inspired from original 1965 spirograph with twice as many pieces inside
  • Contains wheels and arcs
  • Arc can be snapped together in various different ways to form unique curves
  • Contains a metal golden colored plate inside that commemorates the 50th anniversary edition
  • Best for 8 years old and above
  • Kit contains 3 design pens, 2 racks, one spiro-track tri-hub, 6 spiro-track end caps, 4 shaped wheels, 16 spiro-tracks curved in various sizes, different sized 18 wheels, spiro track 8, two rings, 24 pages design guide, spiro-putty, two design pads of 25 pages, and jumbo sized paper.
  • Made with ASTM d 4236 standards
  • Weighs 2.35 pounds
  • Measures 18 x 1.5 x 13 inches
  • Fit for use up to 15 years
  • Contains spiro putty
  • Good art kit for adults too
Cool Spiral Art Kit for Adults

User Reviews

Parents and guardians buying the set for their children are highly impressed with the amazing design and possibility that comes with the spirograph set. The set contains the special arcs which can be joined in various ways to form some unique curves, and as a result unique designs. The set contains some great accessories to heighten creativity and bring on the best in the child.
It’s a beautiful toy to play with and a creative platform for children, and a great child engaging product, which is safe for use, educative and inspirational, and forms a great gift for the young one. It even gives wings to imagination of adults and is a good kit for adults.


The product is a good investment for engaging your child in a very constructive and most creative way just like inspiring drawing and paintings. This one supports making of interesting designs and patterns which caters to more creative thinking, observation, and brain development.