Really Fun Spiral Art Kit for Beginners

Really Fun Spiral Art Kit for Beginners

Kahootz Spirograph Cyclex Kit is a spiral art kit for beginners. This is a 29 piece kit with markers and precision parts to make superior quality drawings. With the cyclex set you get all that is necessary to get creative with drawing designs. The numerous designs and stencils provided with it, triggers creativity to people any age, and specially kids and teens feel a surge to create designs which would be totally unique and marvellously symmetric.


  • 29 piece set
  • Contains 80 stencils to make different designs and drawings
  • Contains one main cyclex tool for drawing
  • The Spirograph Cyclex helps create great mandalas
  • Make intricate designs and patterns
  • Item is made in China
  • Kit made by taking inspiration from original Spirgraph toy sold in 1965
  • Kit contents are storage tray, six art markers, design papers 20 sheets, and designing guide
  • The item weighs 12.6 ounces
  • Good for brains of 5 years and above of any age
  • Made as per ASTM d4236 standards
  • Washable ink

User Reviews

The design of the Cyclex Spirograph is such that you will not lose any of the items due to the combined stencils. 4 large and one small stencil are joined together in a plastic base, and you can use it with the default templates provided with each stencil to create amazing designs.

Users found this to be an amazing Christmas gift, a toy gift for any occasion, and a relaxing and engaging toy with simplicity and great results from it. The creative outcome received from the practicing of designs with the kit can keep a child and also an adult occupied. Hence, it’s a good entertainer for any age and any member of the family.

With washable marker pens, and easy to glide cyclex stencil, one can make circular designs quite easily. The biggest design you can make is around the size of a coffee mug. The smallest one at the centre of the stencil is around the size of a coin.

The only scope of improvement in the set is the marker pens. The marker pens can have better quality tips which would last very long.


The spiral art set is the best a beginner can get in making such creative designs. The set is ideal in introducing stencil based geometrically perfect designs to a creative person, and can bring out even more ideas from the mind.